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Writen and edited by
MOHAMMED OBAIDULLAH ALVI (MAs in English and Journalism)
This official website is dadicated to
aim to inform journalists and genral public about the activities and mission of Union. This is also a forum of public openion, you share your problems and any kind of issue that you have faced any where in Circle Bakote, Galyat or Circle Lora any time. We welcome your valued sugestions, comments and openions.
Media Center, Main Bazar Ayoubia, Tehsil Circle Bakote (Proposed), District Abbottabad,
Hazara Province (Proposed),
Islamic Republic of Pakistan
Phone & Fax No :+ 92 0992 359038
E-Mail is
The elections of 
held OATH TAKING CERMONY on 31st Jauary, 2013 and a new elected body now on board.
The Patron In Chief 
Naweed Abbasi of Union Council Bakote with 13 years of journalistic experience. Cell No 092 333 5417660, Personal website is, E-Mail is
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The Chairman
Ishteaq Ahmed Abbasi of Birote Khurd, with 20 years of journalistic experience. His Cell No is +92 300 5115697, E-Mail is
The President
 Mohammed Obaidullah Alvi of Union Council Birote with 25 years of journalistic experience. His Cell No is 092 331 5446020 & personal website, E-Mail is
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The Senior Vice Presidents
Tariq Nawaz Abbasi of Ayubia Khanespure, with 23 years of journalistic experience. His Cell No is 092 300 5316581, E-Mail is
The Vice Presidents
Talib Abbasi, Wahid Abbasi & Sardar Naseer Khan
The Chairman Majlis e Shura
Atiq Abbasi of Atoubia,  with 15 years of journalistic experience.
The Genral Secretary 
Atif Khalid Sati of Ayubia Khanespure, with 10 years of journalistic experience. His Cell No is 092 315 6060160, E-Mail is
The Joint Secretary  
Talib Husain Abbasi of Basian, (Birote)  with 20 years of journalistic experience. His Cell No is 092 300 5278706
The Press Secretary  
Kabeer Abbasi of Circle Lora,  with 15 years of journalistic experience. His Cell No is 092 300 5278706
The Treasury Secretary  
Khitab Abbasi of Ayubia,  with 15 years of journalistic experience. His Cell No is 0346-5401213.
CIRCLE BAKOTE UNION OF JOURNALISTS  has been formed on 4th July 2004 at Government Higher Secondary school Birote (New Campus).....MOHAMMED OBAIDULLAH ALVI of Birote had decleard as first Chairman  and NAVEED AKRAM ABBASI of Bakote was first President of first body. 
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The people of Circle Bakote joined journalism as a profession in 1930 directly without help of the newspaper selling community as Murree Journalists in 1936. The historical journalism features of Circle Bakote are as bellow:-

  • The first journalist of Circle Bakote was Qazi Hadayetullah of Union Council Bakote, who was virgin and spent his 23 years in the Daily Zimidar Lahore (1932-52). First he was a calligrapher than he promoted as sub editor after his Munshi Fazil (Equal of BA) exam from Punjab University. He is the first journalist of Circle Bakote who published news and news analysis about his area. He attached with Daily Zimidar Lahore till 1951, when last issue of  news paper published and shut down by Feroz Khan Noon, the Prime Minister of Pakistan  for sporting of Khatm e Nabawat Movement. He died in 1957 and buried in Miani Shah graveyard Lahore.
  • Syed Amir ud Din Shah Kazmi from Tauri, Union Council Boi was the First Person who had got Declaration (License) of Weakly Pakistan from AbbottAbad Office of British Government, it proved that he was first person who Used Word "Pakistan" in Circle Bakote. Tariq Aziz of PTV Nilam Ghar is his son and belonged to Qureshi family.
  • An other earlier journalist of Circle Bakote was Abd-u-Rezzaq Abbasi Mujahid of Union Council Malkot/Palak who was correspondent of Weekly Zamin Delhi (United India) before 1947.
  • Mohammed Ajaeb Keani of Union Council Bakote was first newspaper agent and special correspondent of Urdu and English newspapers of Rawalpindi and Lahore during period of 1948 to 1980 in Circle Bakote based at Kohala. He sold his news agency to Molvi Younis of Barsala, Azad Kashmir in 1981 but worked as correspondent till his death.
  • Professor Ghulam Kibrea Abbasi of Kahu Sharqi, published weekly TERJUMAN Karachi in 1973. This 32 pages tabloid newspaper was publishing in two colors till 1976.
  • Mohammed Obaidullah Alvi started Weekly Hill Post in A4 size of photostate format from Karachi on 10th of April 1988 with Kaleem Abbasi of Birote Khurd, in 1990 Mubashir Shah of Birote became it’s editor in chief in vacume of Mohammed Obaidullah Alvi but suspended her publication in 1992. Mohammed Obaidullah Alvi with help of Talib Abbasi restarted Weekly Hill Post in 1995, Ishteaq Abbasi and Nizar Abbasi of Dewal Shareef joined team in 1997 and got Declaration (License) from Abbottabad in 1997. The last paper of Weekly Hill Post Abbottabad was published on 21st August, 2002. It was a journalism academy of new journalists who are working in print and electronic media of country now days.  Weekly Hill Post is also produced many more writers of living history and won fame in Pakistan.
    • Saeed Ahmed Abbasi (Now Amir Jamaet e Islami PKP 45) and Sajid Quresh Abbasi of Basian jointly published weekly AKHBAR E KOHSAR Karachi in 19888 and 1989. They sold weekly AKHBAR E KOHSAR to Fida Abbasi and Sajjad Abbasi in 1990. New editors also resold newspaper to Anjuman Ittehad e Abbasia Karachi as association official argon. Anjuman Ittehad e Abbasia Karachi appointed a editor belonged to Osia (Murree)  of weekly AKHBAR E KOHSAR but newspaper could not continue her publication and it suspended publication after Anjuman Ittehad e Abbasia new organ of Monthly Abbasi News Karachi under editorship of Wahab Abbasi (A Sindhi Journalist).

  • Atta u Rehaman Abbasi of Birote got Declaration of Monthly Tarjunam from Rawalpindi in 1997 but he suspended circulation of his magazine after a few issues permanently. Sahibzada Pir Mohammed Azher Bakoti Usmani inaugurated his office in Commercial Market Satellite Town Rawalpindi.
  • Weekly Qumi Tashakhess Rawalpindi is second largest circulated weekly of Kohsar. Rukhtaj Abbasi of UC Phagwarhi is Chief Editor of said weekly (Now living in London).
  • Fida Abbasi is Editor of Daily Kaenat Karachi and his younger brother Sajjad Abbasi is Assistant Editor of Daily Ummat Karachi.
  • Iftekhar Abbasi, Nizar Abbasi, Atique Abbasi are special correspondents of daily newspapers of Rawalpindi and Abbottabad.
  • Farhat Jabeen Alvi is only and high qualified female journalist of not only Birote but also Circle Bakote.
  • Raja Mubeen u Rehaman Abbasi of Reala/Ayubia  joined Daily Azkar Islamabad as Executive Editor from 1st November, 2011.
  • In 1988, Daily Mustaqbil Abbottabad of Senator Muzammil Shah started her publication as first Hazara newspaper but financial crisis shut down after three years. Mostly journalists from Circle Bakote are production of Daily Mustaqbil Abbottabad. Shahab u Din Jadoon from Basian and Sajjad Awan from Birote (Now they are press owners in Rawalpindi) started their journalist carear with this first Abbottabad Daily newspaper.
  • There are many Qalmi newspapers in Circle Bakote from 1950 to 1980. (To be continued)